Parkside's modern living spaces feature enhanced privacy for comfort and study, and amenities promoting health, fitness, academic achievement, and socialization. Designed around students of Toronto Metropolitan University, U of T, OCAD, George Brown College and other nearby schools, Parkside is just steps from campus.

Fully furnished student apartments near TMU that feature:

Shared space including pool and ping pong tables at Campus1 MTLCampus 1 MTL Lounge

Study desk and chair, bed, storage, nightstand, armoire, love seat, coffee table, internet, electricity, water.

Shared space including pool and ping pong tables at Campus1 MTLCampus 1 MTL Lounge

Professional on-site management, Parkside brings you premier accommodations with peace of mind so that your studies and academic success remain top priority!

Shared space including pool and ping pong tables at Campus1 MTLCampus 1 MTL Lounge

Within walking and biking distance to TMU. Boot the commute with a 500m walk to campus!

Shared space including pool and ping pong tables at Campus1 MTLCampus 1 MTL Lounge

24/7 security environment without sacrificing the quality of stylish living.

Shared space including pool and ping pong tables at Campus1 MTLCampus 1 MTL Lounge

Dynamic shared spaces including a Cardio and Yoga Studio inclusive of Peloton Bikes, Fitness Centre, Arcade Room, and a variety of Communal and Quiet Study Lounges just to name a few!

Shared space including pool and ping pong tables at Campus1 MTLCampus 1 MTL Lounge

All You Care to Eat Meal Plan* With a mission to make it easier for you to live well, eat deliciously and sustain a healthier lifestyle, we’re about providing you—the student—the options to eat great and make healthy choices.

Parkside has been home to students from all over the world 37 countries and growing!

World map showing where Parkside Students are from. the countries highlighted are Algeria, Argentina, Bahamas, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, China, Denmark, El Salvador, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Netherlands, Peru, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United States.

Countries our students are from

Parkside is the ideal 'home away from home' for international students attending the University of Toronto, Toronto Metropolitan University or OCADU in Canada.

Finding your place in Canada

Roommate Matching & Shared Accommodations

Whether arriving to Canada individually or with a friend, all residents are invited to create a profile in RoomSync, which is our roommate matching solution for finding the best roommate match. Through the power of self-selection, you take control of your living space in any one of our optimal suite-style layouts ranging from Studios, to 1- and 2-bedroom floorplans. Matches that are mutual, based on real preferences, and made in an inclusive environment will nurture empowered and satisfied residents!

Situated in the heart of downtown Toronto, we are part of a vibrant and multicultural hub where a diverse mix of Canadian and international students enjoy Parkside Student Residence. Interested to see where residents who call Parkside ‘Home’ join us from?

Community Standards and Residence Life

As a newcomer we understand settling into a new country can be both exciting and challenging! With our extensive residence life program, our residents can tap into the benefits of being part of a local university community where others can relate and school traditions are close to home. We offer programs that support the success of our community and contribute to a living-learning environment intended to enable students to thrive personally and academically.

To learn more about the structure of our Residence Life Program and meet our team of dedicated Residence Life staff, visit our Residence Life page.

Mental Health and Wellness

At Parkside Student Residence, student health and wellness are an intentional and primary point of focus when it comes to providing the best possible living experience. Through several programs tackling awareness, as well as mental and physical health, we aim to remove the stigma surrounding mental health and provide as much support as possible to students having moved away from home while dealing with the challenges and excitement of navigating university life. We partner with Workplace Options to give residents access to a free 24/7 Student Assistance Program in their preferred language. Additionally, throughout the year, we host activity weeks such as Thrive Week and Hi, How Are You Week for students to engage in to bring focus to the importance of their mental health! Additional government resources and supports can also be found by visiting: Health Care in Canada: Mental Health & Wellbeing Support for Newcomers.

Preparing for Studies in Canada

Study Permit Applicants

As revised by the IRCC, many downtown Universities and Colleges have been included as approved Canadian Designated Learning Institutions (DLI’s) such as Toronto Metropolitan University (Formerly Ryerson University), University of Toronto, George Brown College, OCADU, and more! As part of your eligibility for entering Canada and receiving a study permit, you must be attending a DLI and been provided an acceptance letter. To see the list of DLIs by province and territory, please visit Government of Canada - Designated Learning Institution List. If you have applied for a study permit (and work permit, if applicable) and have not yet received your Visa and/or letter of introduction, DO NOT travel to Canada until you have received these documents. For more information on preparing for your travel and what to expect when arriving in Canada, please visit Government of Canada – Information for International Students.

As of January 2024, the Canadian government now requires that every application submitted to the IRCC has an attestation letter from a province or territory along with the acceptance letter from your approved DLI. For information on who can apply, how to apply, getting the right documents, preparing for your arrival, and study permit conditions, please visit Government of Canada – Study Permit. Financial requirements for study permit applicants has also been updated as of January 2024. At the same link, you can find more details and information about the minimum requirements for proof of financial support covering living expenses (not including tuition) needed as a student.


If you have not yet arrived in Canada, you can apply for a bank account online at most major Canadian banks depending on your status as a newcomer and whether you’re coming from a qualifying country. If you have arrived in Canada as a newcomer, you can apply online with your Social Insurance Number (SIN) and a Canadian address.

When opening a bank account, be prepared to provide your Canadian Visa or study permit, one piece of government-issued photo ID such as your passport, proof of school registration, and expected graduation date. All of Canada’s major banks have branches in Toronto. When choosing a financial institution that’s right for you, consider their location in proximity to us, hours of operation and online banking features.

When you open your new account, your Canadian bank representative will give or send you a bank card, also known as a 'debit card'. You'll be given a PIN (personal identification number) to access your account through an ATM or debit machine. Your PIN is your only protection against unauthorized use, so do not reveal it to anyone. This debit card allows you to:

  • Use Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) for withdrawals, deposits, and bill payments.
  • Pay for items at stores and restaurants that accept debit card payments. This is a good alternative if you prefer not to carry too much cash on you.

Another service to consider are credit cards, which allow you to make purchases without carrying cash and giving you a grace period before you have to pay for your purchases. In Canada, banks generally issue one of three credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. Visa and MasterCard are accepted at most major stores and restaurants. Credit cards, just like your debit card, will have a PIN (personal identification number) that you should not share with anyone.

If you consider applying for a credit card, understand the terms and conditions of repayment and be certain you can pay your credit card balance on time when your bill arrives. If you do not pay your credit card bill by the due date, the company will charge you interest on the total amount of the bill, regardless of any amount you paid off over the course of the month. You'll also be charged interest on any purchases made after the due date.

At Parkside Student Residence, we accept Cheque or Money Order which your chosen Canadian financial institution can provide you. Should you opt to make payments online via a credit card, you can make a one-time payment or set up reoccurring monthly payments by clicking “Pay Rent” at the top of our page.

Obtaining a Canadian Phone Number

At Parkside Student Residence, you can get connected before you arrive! We’ve partnered with CanadianSIM to provide you an exclusive international student postpaid phone plan.

Powered by Rogers and Fido, you can enjoy reliable coverage by one of Canada’s leading network providers. You will receive a Canadian number and exclusive plan that is cheaper and more value-driven than what is locally available in the market. Access 5-hours of unlimited data, unlimited Canada-wide calls and international text, 1000 free international long distance minutes, no activation fees, latest devices, and more!

To learn more about securing this exclusive phone plan (only available prior to your arrival), visit

Dare to Compare

Parkside Student Residence Off-Campus Options
All inclusive rental price
(including WiFi and access to all amenities)
Price may not include extra costs such as hydro, WiFi and other utilities
On-site staff support Limited support from landlords
In-person and virtual residence life programming and events Limited programming or community building events
Fully furnished suites Unfurnished suites
Individual liability leases No option for individual leases
(you may have to sign and be responsible for a lease with multiple people)

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